Call for proposals for access to integrated multidisciplinary facilities for Materials and Biomaterials

Most of today’s science and technology breakthroughs have benefited from multidisciplinary approaches. Complementary multi-technique analysis has allowed the full characterisation of systems that would not have been possible otherwise. However, getting access to the most performing instruments and facilities is time consuming as each one has its own access protocols and failing to access one facility can jeopardise the success of a project.
This call is for Researchers who are interested in using a completely new European Research Infrastructure for Nano-level Analysis and preparation of Materials and Biomaterials. CERIC-ERIC integrates the most competitive instrumental, technical and research resources of nine Countries. It combines in a flexible and project-oriented way,

complementary analytical and preparation methods like NMR, Synchrotron light, Neutrons, electron Microscopy and other Surface and Interface analytical instruments. For a detailed description on the available facilities visit CERIC’s website.

Access to its services is awarded free of charge to any Researcher upon submission of a proposal to be selected by an external International peer review committee. Proposals should address challenging scientific or technological problems that require the use of several methods offered by the partners for sample growth and characterization. CERIC-ERIC features a completely innovative approach focusing on the scientific or technological value of the project allowing to request access to different integrated facilities in a single step, through a single access point.

This Call

The institutional framework of CERIC-ERIC is being completed at the EU level. However, given the rather unique nature of the distributed infrastructure, CERIC perspective partners have agreed to launch this “zeroth” call for proposals to give users the possibility to experience this unique integrated approach to materials and life sciences. At the same time, this will be a “test run” to improve and finalize, with the help of the users, the soundness of the mechanism which is being set-up.

How to Apply

Researchers willing to experience this novel approach will find detailed information in the left menu, on "How to apply". Perspective proponents are expected to get in touch with the scientific contacts well in advance of the deadline in order to get a deeper understanding of the technical possibilities offered at the various sites and of how they respond to the need of the research they have in mind.

This call is closed at the moment