2nd CERIC Internal Workshop on Communication
8th - 9th September 2016, Trieste - Italy

CERIC-ERIC organizes the 2nd CERIC Internal Workshop on Communication, taking place in Trieste on 8-9 September 2016. The workshop will present the draft of the CERIC Communication Strategy to the PR & Communication team, collect further suggestions from all the team members taking into account the specific needs both of CERIC and of each facility, share best practices and update about the events and communication programs of each CERIC Partner Facility for both the current and the upcoming years.

All key strategic, verbal and visual elements of the Communication Strategy will be presented in a draft form, including proposed messages, tools and channels for the future communication activities. The first outline of the working plan for the next 2 years will also be presented.

The feedbacks of the participants will essentially complete and deepen the draft document. Therefore, all proposals and suggestions to improve the final version of the document will be discussed, and the best ones will be included in the latest version of the CERIC Communication Strategy, to be approved in October 2016 by the General Assembly of CERIC.