Some numbers from the latest call for proposals
April 2018

In the last CERIC call for open access, 134 proposals from 30 countries were submitted, requesting the use of 221 instruments, with an average of 2 instruments per proposal. The biggest number of proposals arrived from Italy, Poland, Germany and Czech Republic. The evaluation process will end in mid May 2018.

Additional techniques were added in this call. These include PEEM/XAS (Photoemission Electron Microscopy / X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy) and UARPES (Ultra-Angle Resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy) beamlines at the SOLARIS Synchrotron in Poland, as well as FAMA (Facility for Modification and Analysis of materials with ion beams) irradiation and IBAD (Ion beam assisted deposition) at the Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences in Serbia.

Now, in additional to regular calls, CERIC offers the possibility to gain fast access to some of its instruments for continuous feasibility studies or very short measurements. Read more here.