ERA-LEARNís report on CERIC as case study for further developing P2Psí roadmap
8th November 2017

CERIC was one of the case studies selected by ERA-LEARN 2020 in its comparative analysis of different existing Public to Public Partnerships (P2Ps), which was conducted in view of developing a roadmap/toolbox for further aligning different P2Ps. As a result of the study, a report was published, which highlights the "CERIC-ERICís many benefits and its capacity to achieve strong alignment at strategic and operational levels".
A wider set of case studies was selected among existing P2P networks, research alliances and Joint Programming Initiatives (JPIs). These consist in a mix of actions and instruments undertaken at different stages in the research programming cycle and relying on different cooperation modes and actors, hence representing different facets of alignment. The analysis relies on a review of existing literature and targeted interviews with managers and beneficiaries / participants of these alignment modalities.

The case studies focus on:

  • Key features of the case at hand (mission, governance, approximate time and resources needed for set up and implementation)
  • Principal outputs to date
  • Overall strengths, incl. key achievements
  • Overall limitations, incl. difficulties encountered during implementation
  • Suitability and key factors of success

You can read and download the report from this link.