The General Assembly of CERIC confirms FAMA as perspective Serbian Partner Facility of CERIC.
27 October 2017 - Krakow, Poland

The General Assembly of CERIC-ERIC supported the participation of the Serbian facility FAMA (FAcility for Modification and Analysis of materials with ion beams) in CERIC-ERIC, for a period of two years, during which the facility must develop all necessary procedures for an efficient user service to the international community. The facility, which had been previously evaluated by the CERIC International Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee ISTAC, will work to allow open access through CERIC calls for proposals and will investigate the scientific opportunities the cyclotron could offer.

The decision of the General Assembly of CERIC was taken after the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological development proposed FAMA as its perspective Serbian Partner Facility.

The original FAMA was commissioned in May 1998. In June 2010, its upgrading began, and should be completed in June 2018. The upgraded FAMA enables the modification of materials with multiple charged heavy ion beams of energies of 10-20 keV per charge unit, and with light ion beams of energies of 15-30 keV. It also enables the analysis of materials with protons of energies of 1-3 MeV.
The upgraded FAMA comprises: a multiply charged heavy ion source (M1), a light ion source (M2), a proton cyclotron complex (M3), two experimental channels for modification of materials (C1 and C2), and two channels for analysis of materials (C5 and C6). The original FAMA included the M1 and M2 machines, and the C2 channel.