CERIC contributes to the HERCULES School 2018 for the third consecutive year
2 March 2018, Grenoble - France

Matthias Girod presents CERIC's open access to students at the Hercules School in Grenoble

2018 is the third year in which CERIC has contributed to the HERCULES European School. However, this is the first time the Consortium was invited to take part in the lectures in France, to present its research opportunities to the nearly 90 European students and young researchers attending the courses on Synchrotron and Neutron Radiation.

During his visit to Grenoble on the 2nd of March, Matthias Girod, CERIC Policy Officer, presented the available instruments for research in materials, biomaterials and nanotechnology and the currently open call for proposals. In his talk, he paid special attention to the new fast track access option. Developed in the framework of the ACCELERATE project, this access mode allows researchers to continuously submit proposals for short measurements outside regular calls, for feasibility studies, or as preparatory measurements for regular proposals. [Download the presentation.]

The participants showed great interest in the portfolio of complementary techniques available in the CERIC facilities. Many questions were made in particular on some of the instruments, such as XRD, SAXS, NMR and XAS. The financial support offered to users for travel and accommodation, as well as the awards for high-quality publications, further increase the attractiveness of the infrastructure.

Next to the introductory lecture in Grenoble, CERIC gave an additional contribution to the school’s programme. On March 22nd, at the HERCULES Specialised Course at the Italian CERIC Representing Entity, Elettra, CERIC gave a tutorial providing hints and tips on how to write successful multi-technique proposals for CERIC open access.

Hercules, the Higher European Course on the Use of Large Scale Experimental Facilities is a one-month school established in 1991, which provides training for students, postdoctoral and senior scientists from European and non-European universities and laboratories, in the field of Neutron and Synchrotron Radiation for condensed matter studies (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science, Geosciences, Industrial applications). In 2018, it takes place from 25 February to 30 March. It includes lectures, practicals, tutorials, and visits of Large Facilities: ELETTRA and FERMI in Trieste, ESRF, ILL in Grenoble, Soleil and LLB in Paris-Saclay, and SLS/PSI in Villigen.