Dr. Kolar's keynote speech to the High Level Working Group on Competitiveness and Growth
15 February 2018, Brussels - Belgium

CERIC Executive Director, dr. Jana Kolar, was invited to deliver a keynote speech on the importance of research and innovation for growth, competitiveness and jobs to the High Level Working Group on Competitiveness and Growth.

The other two presenters were Ms. Lowri Evans, The Director-General of the Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs at DG GROW and Mr. Robert-Jan Smits, Director General of Research and Innovation at DG RTD.

In her presentation, dr. Kolar stressed that in the field of research and innovation EU is doing well, yet there is a need for improvement. In particular, increased investment in Research & Development is needed. She emphasized that strong efficiency gains are possible by connecting and synchronizing EU, national and regional systems across the various policy domains, including RIs. The importance of a regulation in support of innovation was stressed, as well as the opportunities for policy learning offered by the Policy Support Facility of H2020.

Jana Kolar and Robert-Jan Smits

The High Level Working Group on Competitiveness and Growth, composed of high-level representatives of Member States, is mandated by the Council to monitor the state of Single Market integration and discuss the policy priorities set out in the relevant documents, including those within the European Semester, providing guidance in that regard for EU action and promoting exchange of information and best practices among Member States. It also supports the Council in its reinforced role of monitoring and mainstreaming competitiveness, in particular industrial competitiveness, across all relevant policy initiatives, particularly those based on Articles 114 and 173 TFEU.