Hungary new Member of CERIC-ERIC
20th October 2016

The General Assembly of CERIC-ERIC has unanimously accepted Hungary as a new member of the Consortium, after the request for membership made by the Hungarian National Research, Development and Innovation (NRDI) Office on behalf of the Hungarian Government.
The Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS) Centre for Energy Research (MTA EK) will act as Hungarian Representing Entity, to support the scientific and technical operation of CERIC through the Budapest Neutron Centre.

Mr. István Szabó – Head of Department at the NRDI Office, and Mr. Ákos Horváth, Director General of the HAS Centre for Energy Research, have been respectively appointed as governmental and scientific delegates of Hungary in the CERIC General Assembly.

The Budapest Neutron Centre, with this achievement, will keep on offering open access to the best researchers selected by peer review, to its neutron scattering instruments allowing investigation of microscopic properties of solids, liquids, soft materials, biological objects and condensed matter. The expertise and techniques of the Hungarian facility will integrate with the human and instrumental resources available in the other CERIC partners, giving the opportunity to the scientific community to perform excellent multi-technique research in a multidisciplinary and multinational environment.