CERIC at ICRI 2016
3rd - 5th October 2016, Cape Town - South Africa

The last ICRI 2016 conference took place in Cape Town (South Africa) from 3 to 5 October 2016. It was co-organized by the South African Department of Science and Technology (DST) and the European Commission. Fabio Mazzolini, on behalf of Dr. Jana Kolar, CERIC Executive Director, presented CERIC and its potentials to drive innovation.

CERIC recognizes as one of its advantages, the fact that it is composed of high quality partners, some of them RTOs, with established networks and collaborations with industry. To expand visibility, CERIC focuses on events attended by industry, such as B2B events, as well as on a smart use of the web and social media channels.

CERIC is currently preparing its innovation management plan, which will enable that innovations stemming from CERIC funded research are recognized and deployed. An important part in this endeavor is upskilling CERIC researchers, who should be able to recognize potential innovations and alert the responsible staff. Innovations should then be either protected, used or sold. CERIC is developing its structures in order to help in this process, while keeping in mind the will to contribute to the innovation ecosystem, rather than duplicate the available services in the vicinity.

Building on the conclusions of previous ICRIs and the ongoing debates on Research Infrastructures in international fora such as the Group of Senior Officials (GSO) and the OECD-Global Science Forum (GSF), a more structured approach to collaboration on global Research Infrastructures was discussed with the international community, underlining the strategic importance of Research Infrastructures and exploring their role as a tool for Science Diplomacy.

Download the presentation here