24th International Conference on X-ray Optics and Microanalysis
24-29 September 2017, Trieste - Italy

The Italian CERIC Representing Entity, Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste organizes the 24th International Conference on X-ray Optics and Microanalysis, taking place in Trieste - Italy, from 24 to 29 September 2017.

The ICXOM conference series is an international symposium for the discussion of new developments and advances in instrumentation, methods and applications in the fields of X-ray micro- and nano-analysis.

This conference series started in 1956 in Cambridge, UK, in response to the need for physical scientists, instrument developers and those using X-ray microscopes and electron probe analysers to come together every three (and now two) years to exchange experiences, learn about new developments in the field and gain new ideas for further research.

Following the trend of the last decade, the conference is focused on synchrotron radiation. Recent developments in laboratory instrumentation are also highly welcome. Besides micro-beam X-ray fluorescence and absorption spectroscopy, different methods based on diffraction and full-field imaging are covered, together with their applications in Life Sciences, Material Science, Earth and Environmental Sciences, and Cultural heritage.

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Deadline for registration: September 1st, 2017

Topics include

  • Optics for Microanalysis
  • Scanning Microscopy
  • Full-field Imaging
  • Coherent Diffractive Imaging
  • Microdiffraction
  • X-ray Fluorescence
  • Absorption spectroscopy
  • Data Analysis
  • Detectors

Abstract submission will be opened from March 1st to May 15th

This edition of ICXOM conference series also includes a satellite workshop on MA-XRF (Macro-XRF) applied to Cultural Heritage, on Monday 25 September.

International Scientific and Advisory Committee
Koen Janssens (ICXOM15, 1998, Antwerp University, B)
Peter Wobrauschek (ICXOM16, 2001, Vienna) (TUWien, A)
Alexandre Simionovici (ICXOM17, 2003, Chamonix) (U. Grenoble, F)
Sultan Dabagov (ICXOM18, 2005, Frascati) (LNFN Frascati, I)
Shinjiro Hayakawa (ICXOM19, 2007, Kyoto) (U. Hiroshima, J)
Melissa Denecke (ICXOM20, 2009, Karlsruhe, D) (now at UMIST, Manchester, UK)
Carlos A. Pérez (ICXOM21, 2011 Campinas, B)
Gerald Falkenberg (ICXOM22, 2013 Hamburg, D)
Juergen Thieme (ICXOM23, 2015 Brookhaven Natl. Labs., NY, USA)

Dr. Alessandra Gianoncelli: alessandra.gianoncelli@elettra.eu
Elettra User Office: useroffice@elettra.eu

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