CERIC Austrian, Italian and Slovenian facilities positively evaluated by the ISTAC
29-30 May 2017, Graz - Austria, Trieste - Italy, Ljubljana - Slovenia

The first international periodic evaluation of the CERIC's partner facilities took place on 29 and 30 of May. After the site visits in Trieste, Graz and Ljubljana, the evaluators assessed the technical and scientific capacity and the role within CERIC.

At the Austrian partner facilities, ISTAC members Ingolf Lindau (Stanford and Lund - synchrotrons), Giorgio Paolucci (Scientific Director of SESAME Synchrotron) and external experts Zehra Sayers and Hasnain Samar evaluated the SAXS and Deep Lithography beamlines in Trieste, and the scattering facilities in Graz.

As for the Italian partner facility, the visit included: Nanospectroscopy, Twinmic, Xpress, XAFS, SISSI bio, SISSI mat, MCX, GasPhase, SYRMEP, XRD1, Spectromicroscopy, SuperESCA, and ESCA Microscopy. It was led by ISTAC members Christian Vettier (former scientific director of ILL and of ESS-neutrons), Luis Fonseca (CSIC in Barcelona - nanoscience and nanomaterials), Cecile Hebert (EPFL - microscopy) and external experts Jean Susini, Giorgio Margaritondo, and Salvador Ferrer.

The Slovenian partner facility visit covered the SLONMR and was led by ISTAC members Michel van der Rest (former director of synchrotron SOLEIL and former chair of ERF -life sciences), Annalisa Pastore (from MRC-UK - NMR) and external experts Bruno Kieffer and Jean-Pierre Simorre.

The International Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (ISTAC) of CERIC shall periodically advise the General Assembly on the acceptance and continuation of the operation of the CERIC facilities. The purpose is to always be sure that we are offering the best instruments and techniques for researchers.