Jana Kolar at the Explorative meeting on a challenging EU mission oriented research & innovation policy
23 January 2018, Brussels - Belgium

Mariana Mazzucato and Kurt Vandenberghe

CERIC Director Jana Kolar was invited to attend the Explorative meeting: towards a EU mission oriented research and innovation policy, held in Brussels on 23 January 2018, to discuss the topic, which was proposed to be included in the 9th Framework Programme. Kurt Vandenberghe, Director for Climate action and resource efficiency, DG RTD at the European Commission, opened the meeting. The following discussion, led by Mariana Mazzucato, Special Advisor on Mission Driven Science and Innovation to EU Commissioner for Research, Carlos Moedas, focused on the definition of the criteria that need to be set in order to identify the missions with an impact on society, and on the need of engaging the public in the process of identification and implementation of such missions. Some possible examples of missions have been also discussed.