A Framework Agreement for the setting-up and operation of CERIC-ERICís Slovenian Partner Facility has been signed by CERIC-ERIC and the National Institute of Chemistry in Ljubljana

CERIC-ERIC and the National Institute of Chemistry (NIC) in Ljubljana, the Representing Entity of the Republic of Slovenia, Member of CERIC-ERIC, signed a Framework Agreement to regulate their mutual responsibilities and obligations in supporting the scientific, technical and administrative operation of the Slovenian Partner Facility available within CERIC, the NMR centre.

The agreement defines the characteristics, role and responsibilities of the Slovenian Partner Facility, and the procedures through which the Representing Entity will commit the resources necessary for its operation and for guaranteeing access and service to scientific and industrial users, coherently with CERICís Statute and internal regulations. It hence sets the framework within which the NIC will contribute in kind, through the Slovenian Partner Facility, the resources required to ensure that it operates as the entry point for the Slovenian scientific community, as well as for attracting and the access of international users, while developing, jointly with CERIC, applied and industry-related activities, training of human resources, communication and data management, with the aim of achieving common strategic objectives, purposes and access capabilities.

By formally setting up the Slovenian Partner Facility within CERIC and by regulating the framework of relationships within which the resources for CERICís operation are provided, the agreement paves the way for a more effective outreach of researchers, for helping a growth in quality and focus on excellence and for further developing and integrating the possible socio-economic returns by fostering support to industrial development and industrial users.