Neutrons in the Automotive Industry - BNC exhibition
19th - 21st October 2016, Budapest - Hungary

The Hungarian Partner Facility in CERIC, Budapest Neutron Centre (BNC), will participate in the International Trade Exhibition for Automotive Industry Suppliers, taking place in Budapest on 19-21 October, with the Exhibition “Neutrons in the Automotive Industry”. BNC will present its research activities by guiding visitors through a wide range of neutron applications, especially concerning the automotive industry

The event will be an opportunity to gather R&D ideas and to discover measuring opportunities targeted to Automotive Suppliers Industries based on the Research Reactor at BNC. Research capabilities of neutron laboratories in Europe such as the European Spallation Source (ESS) – being built as the world largest infrastructure of this kind – will also be presented. The BNC Thematic Conference “Materials Research and Testing with Neutrons for Technological Developments in the Automotive Industry" (21st October, 11:00-12.30, Pavilion A, first floor, room 182) will be a chance to discover some innovative research results achieved with neutrons, concerning new technologies in the vehicle industry. Another focus will be technological methods increasing the manufacturer's competitiveness and contributing to produce safer and more comfortable cars.

Location: HUNGEXPO Fair Centre, Pavilion A-207 / D booth, in the International Trade Exhibition for Automotive Industry Suppliers

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