News 2018

26-28 September 2018, Vienna - Austria
Workshop on Industrial Liaison & Technology Transfer in Research Infrastructures: Best Practices and Success Factors

2-6 September 2018, Ljubljana - Slovenia
Smarter 6 Meeting. SAVE THE DATE

9-15 July, Toulouse - France
CERIC at the Festival Science in the City - ESOF 2018

13 July 2018, Toulouse France
1st ESOF 2020 Steering Committee Meeting took place in Toulouse

5 July 2018, Trieste - Italy
CERIC welcomed Slovenian delegation to its premises in Trieste

29 June 2018
The CERIC annual Report for the year 2017 is now online. Download it here

28 June 2018, Krakow - Poland
SOLARIS signed an agreement for the construction of a new beamline for structural studies

27 June 2018, Zagreb - Croatia
News from the CERIC General Assembly

28 May 2018, Krakow - Poland
Results from the SOLARIS call for proposals

7 June 2018, Brussels - Belgium
ACCELERATE workshop on ERIC's implementation and VAT issues

15 May 2018, Ljubljana - Slovenia
CERIC's youngest users awarded with a gold medal for their research

May 2018
ACCELERATE strengthens the basis for a stronger Research – Industry collaboration

24-27 April 2018, Banja Luka - Bosnia
CERIC at the RESINFRA@DR Research Infrastructure experts trainings

April 2018
Some numbers from the latest call for proposals

Deadline 20 May 2018, Krakow - Poland
SOLARIS call for proposals now open

19-20 April 2018, Oxford - UK
CERIC at the 2nd ERIC Forum meeting

19-20 April 2018, Trieste - Italy
#AttractYoung - Attracting Young Talents to Imagine the Detectors of the Future

13 April 2018, Barcelona - Spain
CERIC training for industrial PhD students through case studies from ACCELERATE

March 2018, Trieste - Italy
CERIC Director appointed member of the ESOF 2020 Steering Committee

23-28 March 2018, Friuli Venezia Giulia - Italy
What if I want to be an entrepreneur? PaGES 3 provides students with knowledge and tools to write a business plan and get their ideas funded

22-23 March 2018, Sofia - Bulgaria
CERIC at the Bulgarian Presidency Flagship Conference on Research Infrastructures

16 March 2018, Brussels - Belgium
Jana Kolar appointed member of the ERF-AISBL Executive Board

8 March 2018, Amsterdam - The Netherlands
ACCELERATE @SYNERGI2018 showcases R&D solutions to industry in the automotive, pharma and energy sectors

7 March 2018, The Hague - The Netherlands
ACCELERATE partners met at the annual Project's meeting to discuss upcoming actions in 2018

28 February - 14 March 2018, Friuli Venezia Giulia - Italy
Scientists for a day. Students in PaGES 3 observe molecular vibrations and gold nanoparticles at the laboratories at the Elettra synchrotron

23 February - 5 March 2018, Friuli Venezia Giulia - Italy
Plan, communicate, transfer knowledge and create a business. PaGES3 provides transversal tools for students’ future career

2 March 2018, Grenoble - France
CERIC contributes to the HERCULES School 2018 for the third consecutive year

15 February 2018, Brussels - Belgium
Dr. Kolar's keynote speech to the High Level Working Group on Competitiveness and Growth

15-22 February 2018, Friuli Venezia Giulia - Italy
Project managers of the future. Pupils in PaGES3 learn the basics to implement their projects’ ideas

15-16 February 2018, Prague - Czech Republic
Collaborations in the field of nanotech boosted at the ACCELERATE R2B event in Prague

February 2018

15-16 February 2018
Learn more about the industrial applications of nanotechnology at the conference ’’Nanotechnology: From Materials to Science''

26 January 2018, Trieste - Italy
Visit of Robert-Jan Smits at the CERIC Headquarters

26 January 2018, Trieste - Italy
CERIC at the Science & Industry session of the Forum on New International Research Facilities in South Eastern Europe

24-26 January 2018, Ispra - Italy
CERIC at the JRC Macro-Regional innovation Week

24 January 2018
Selected the winners of the CERIC Science Picture Contest 2017

23 January 2018, Brussels - Belgium
Jana Kolar at the Explorative meeting on a challenging EU mission oriented research & innovation policy

15-16 January 2018, Vienna - Austria
Jana Kolar at the Tour d’Europe

15 January 2018, Belgrade - Serbia
CERIC meeting the scientific community in Serbia through ACCELERATE

8-9 March 2018, Amsterdam - The Netherlands
You can now register for SYNERGI 2018. SYnchrotron and NEutron Radiation Go Industrial