News 2014

17 December 2014, Sarajevo
CERIC-ERIC met the scientists of Bosnia and Herzegovina

10-11 December 2014, Trieste
Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste hosted the 2nd ERIC Network Meeting

21 November 2014, Zagreb - Budapest
CERIC-ERIC Fellows' trip to Croatia and Hungary

17 October 2014, Prague
CERIC-ERIC 2nd General Assembly. Official appointments:
Chair of the General Assembly (reconfirmed): Carlo Rizzuto
Vice Chair of the General Assembly: Heinz Amenitsch
Executive Director (reconfirmed): Carlo Rizzuto

10 October 2014, Wien
CERIC-ERIC Board of Directors. Official appointments:
Chair of the Board of Directors: Vladimir Matolin
Vice Chair of the Board of Directors: Janez Plavec
Deputy of the Executive Director: Vladimir Matolin

22 July 2014, Milano
The first CERIC-ERIC General Assembly appointed prof. Carlo Rizzuto as Executive Director and as Chair of the General Assembly.

25 June 2014
COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING DECISION on setting-up CERIC-ERIC published on the Official Journal of the European Union.

28 May 2014
The final stage in the selection of candidates for the fellowships took place in the presence of the CERIC Board of Directors. We thank all the candidates for their interest in CERIC.

31 March 2014
CERIC-ERIC Call for Fellows application is closed. Applications received will be evaluated shortly.

10 January 2014
CERIC-ERIC launches the Zero Call for proposals.

10 January 2014
CERIC-ERIC launches a Call for Fellows.

20 September 2013, Trieste
CERIC Working Group meeting

18 June 2013, Vienna
CERIC Working Group meeting

3 - 4 April 2013, Brussels
RAMIRI2 final workshop: Presentation of the RAMIRI Handbook
CERIC mentioned as an example of Distributed Research Infrastructure

15 March 2013, Trieste
International workshop on innovation and research in the frame of the strategy of the Adriatic-Ionian Macroregion CERIC presentation by J.Plavec

21 December 2012, Brussels
Signed request to set up the ERIC (Step2)

11 - 12 December 2012, Trieste
Science @ CERIC workshop

8 November 2012, Vienna airport
CERIC Working Group meeting

19 September 2012, Trieste
CEI: Participants at tech meeting, good progress on C-ERIC (ANSA)

31 August 2012, Vienna
Signature of the Joint Declaration adopted by the Ministers of Research

1 June 2012, Brussels
Electronic submission of application for verification of compliance - with the ERIC Regulation (Step1)

26 March 2012, Munich airport
First meeting of the ad interim Board of Scientific Directors

22 March 2012, Copenhagen
CERIC Working Group meeting