Pupils in PaGES 2 project learn how to manage a project, while acquiring new knowledge about how a synchrotron works
February 2017, Friuli Venezia Giulia - Italy

During the first half of February 2017, the students involved in the second edition of the PaGES project attended the first cycle of courses dedicated to the basic elements of project management and the scientific principles behind the operation of a synchrotron.

After the introduction to CERIC and to PaGES 2 by Fabio Mazzolini - PaGES 2 Project Manager, Andrea Santelli – CERIC Chief Administrative Officer, presented the phases and the recurrent features of a project (i.e. defined objectives, limited time and resources), as well as some tools that can be deployed for structuring and distributing the planned activities. In particular, the role and function of the project manager was highlighted, together with the importance of properly communicating the outcomes of the projects’ activities and its results.

Simone Di Mitri, senior scientist at the Italian CERIC partner facility at Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste, presented the synchrotron, its parts and functioning mechanisms and gave a first introduction to the scientific background necessary for attending the experimental phase envisaged in the next phase of the project, in which pupils will look into the physical and chemical properties of metal nanoparticles, understanding their possible applications in the biotechnology field.