PaGES 2 project final event. Students presented their experience at CERIC to their fellows
March-April 2017, Friuli Venezia Giulia - Italy

What does it mean working in a research infrastructure? The students from the schools taking part in the PaGES2 project explained it to their fellows and professors at the final event of the project, in which they presented the results of the experiments they carried out in the CERIC laboratories at Elettra in Trieste, as well as the knowledge acquired during the theoretical lectures on topics such as project management, communication and technology transfer.

For the event, pupils prepared press releases and press kits, posters, leaflets and presentations, as well as video-interviews with the scientists and the staff they met at CERIC. They introduced the scientific topics on which they focused in the experiment, as well as the data collected and the conclusions stemming from the results achieved.

Through the event, they had the opportunity to give education and career ideas and guidance tools to their fellows, by showing an overview of the working possibilities available in an international scientific environment such as CERICís.

Students' presentations of the project:
Presentation - Magazine Liceo Scientifico Albert Einstein - Cervignano del Friuli (Udine)
Presentation Liceo Scientifico Duca degli Abruzzi - Gorizia
Presentation Liceo Scientifico Galileo Galilei - Trieste

PaGES2 project is funded by the Italian Region Friuli Venezia Giulia, within the program "Regional plan for the building up of the formative offer for the academic year 2016/2017", in the section "Special projects". It offered a training opportunity to 60 students from three high schools in the Region: Galileo Galilei (Trieste), Duca degli Abruzzi (Gorizia) e Albert Einstein (Cervignano del Friuli, UD). CERIC-ERIC is partner of the project as project cordinator and beneficiary. The industrial partner Kyma s.r.l. co-funded the project