Project managers of the future.
Pupils in PaGES3 learn the basics to implement their projects’ ideas.
15-22 February 2018, Friuli Venezia Giulia - Italy

Fabio Mazzolini presents PaGES3 to the students in Gorizia

For the third consecutive year, PaGES3 presented the wide variety of career opportunities that are available in an international research infrastructure such as CERIC-ERIC.

In the first event organized at the schools’ premises, following the model adopted in the previous years, seventeen to nineteen years old pupils were introduced to the overall project and its specific topics by Fabio Mazzolini, PaGES3 project manager. He also presented CERIC and its facilities in Central and Eastern Europe, with a special focus on the synchrotron at Elettra in Trieste, where the students involved in the project will spend one full day to carry out hands-on experiments in the NanoInnovation Lab and at the Infrared Laboratory.

Moreover, a full session was dedicated to an introduction to the elements of project management. Andrea Santelli, CERIC Chief Administrative Officer, after defining what a project is, showed how to identify projects’ objectives, stakeholders and constraints. He then explained how to build a work breakdown structure, which requires a previous definition of the project’s activities, their relationships and the resources needed for their realization. The presentation allowed the students to have an idea of the transversal use of project management, and gave them the basic tools that they will need whenever they will plan to set up and implement their own project ideas in any kind of working field.

After the success of the previous editions, in 2018 a fourth school joined the partnership, enlarging the network in order to offer this valuable opportunity to a larger number of students.

Andrea Santelli introduces students in Gorizia to the basics of project management

Download the presentations (in Italian only):
- Introduzione a PaGES3
- Elementi di Project Management