A first look into project management
PaGES closed the first cycle of training activities with the schools partners
17th-19th February 2016 - Cervignano del Friuli, Gorizia, Trieste - Italy

Roberto Pugliese presents the fundamentals of project management to the students of the Liceo Scientifico A. Einstein in Cervignano del Friuli

From the 17th to the 19th of February, scientists and managers from CERIC-ERIC and Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste had the first meetings with students and teachers of the schools partners of the project PaGES. During this first cycle of courses, the students were introduced to the training path foreseen by the project and had a first overview of the activities that they will carry out in the upcoming weeks.

Fabio Mazzolini, project manager of PaGES, briefly presented CERIC, its open access service and its multi-technique concept, to which Elettra together with the other research facility partners of the Consortium contributes with its expertise, instruments and laboratories. Andrea Goldoni, scientist at Elettra, showed the environment in which the students will conduct the scientific experiment. He provided some examples of the applications that research on advanced materials can have, giving a first taste of the experience that the students will have during execution of the experiment in his laboratory. In order to be acquainted with the preparatory phases of a project, the classes were then split into groups to play a team building game with the goal of constructing, with the materials available, a precise model in a given time. The game aimed at reproducing the characteristics of a project: a team with its capabilities, a limited amount of resources, a timeframe within which the project must be concluded. This game served as an introduction to the final presentation on project management. Roberto Pugliese and Andrea Santelli, from Elettra and CERIC, respectively, explained what a project is, its characteristics and phases and what tools can be used for its planning, monitoring and management.

Andrea Santelli presenting the fundamentals on project management

The theoretical part was linked to the practical experience that students will obtain in the development of the experiment, through which they will investigate the possibility of using carbon nanotubes in the nanostructured matrix with biomimetic properties.

Liceo Scientifico Duca degli Abruzzi in Gorizia

Liceo Scientifico G. Galilei in Trieste

Fabio Mazzolini, PaGES project manager

Liceo Scientifico A. Einstein in Cervignano del Friuli