The students involved in the PaGES project presented its main achievements in a final conference for their schoolmates
6th-8th April 2016 - Cervignano del Friuli, Gorizia, Trieste - Italy

In the last event, held at the beginning of April in the schools participating in the PaGES project, the students presented the training and scientific experience they had received in the previous weeks, to a wide audience composed of their schoolmates from other classes of their lyceum.
In the previous weeks, they had worked in teams to prepare an overall presentation of the project and its activities and, finally, they gave a public talk on their experience in all phases of the project, encouraging their fellows to participate in similar activities in future.

Each class also prepared and presented a press release, both in English and in Italian, as a practical exercise in the dissemination of the project’s best practices. The high quality of the students’ work and performance was the first positive feedback on the success of PaGES as a whole.
This result was also confirmed by the Regional Minister for Job, Training, Education, Equal Opportunities, Politics for the Youth, Research and the University of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, Prof. Loredana Panariti, who participated in the last conference held in Gorizia at the “Liceo Duca degli Abruzzi”. She thanked both the students and the PaGES partners for their commitment and highlighted the importance of such initiatives in view of their forthcoming possible choice for their academic studies.