PaGES partners attended the project’s final meeting and agreed on the submission of PaGES2
20th May 2016 - Trieste - Italy

On the 20th of May, all PaGES partners took part in the final meeting of the project, to exchange best practices, hints and suggestions for the development and re-submission of an improved proposal to be implemented in the academic year 2016-2017.

The professors of all the schools involved (Liceo Scientifico Duca degli Abruzzi – Gorizia, Liceo Scientifico A. Einstein – Cervignano del Friuli, Liceo Scientifico G. Galilei – Trieste) expressed their satisfaction at the results achieved through the activities carried out during PaGES and showed great interest and the will to include the project in the yearly training offer of their schools.

PaGES fits very well with other extraordinary academic projects of the school partners involving the students in experimental and science communication activities, enhanced with a number of added values: it gives the students the chance to have direct experience of an international scientific environment, in which they can literally make science, and it offers a wider perspective of the variety of professional paths that can be taken up in a research infrastructure. Through PaGES, the participants observed and experienced various aspects of research, from hard science to its dissemination, from project management to administration, data analysis and technology transfer, and they consequently gained a clearer idea of the spectrum of working possibilities.

During the final meeting, all partners reported positive evaluations and remarks from the students and reconfirmed the partnership for submitting PaGES2 within the upcoming deadline.