CERIC received funding from the Friuli Venezia Giulia region for the project PaGES
The regional CERIC project will teach high-school students how to conduct a scientific experiment
22nd October 2015, Trieste - Italy

The Italian region Friuli Venezia Giulia agreed to funding of the CERIC project PaGES, which will take place from October to September of next year. The project will give students from high schools an opportunity to have the experience of an innovative educational context. By carrying out all the steps of a scientific experiment, students will acquire the basic tools for the planning, management, execution, evaluation and dissemination of the results of a research project. Three classes of three different schools from the region will get the know-how and have the direct experience of an international research environment such as CERIC and will actively participate, by interactively working in groups, in the process of shaping a research idea into a factual experiment. They will also receive advice and tips on how to disseminate the achieved results and will present the project’s outcomes to the student community to which they.
The project will strengthen links among schools in the region and will provide the basis for implementing similar actions in the future, to let students have hands-on training sessions in the labs in which the research takes place and to empower them to make more conscious choices for their future career. A kick-off meeting has been scheduled for mid-October and will involve the schools’ directors and teachers, as well as the personnel of CERIC and regional administrators committed to the project, to present the project and finalize a detailed action plan.