CERIC is a founding member of the RESAVER pension Fund
14 July 2016 - Brussels - Belgium

CERIC-ERIC, Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste and the Central European University from Budapest are the founding members of RESAVER PENSION FUND, the first pan-European multi-employer and multi-country pension scheme offering a defined contribution plan, tailor-made for public and private research organizations and their employees, allowing them to move across countries and institutions while keeping the same supplementary pension fund.

The idea of a European labour market for researchers is a cornerstone of the European Research Area. RESAVER PENSION FUND, makes this idea concrete by enabling researchers to remain affiliated to the same supplementary pension fund when moving between different countries and changing jobs, therefore ensuring adequate, safe and sustainable pensions for mobile employees working in the European research sector.

The European Commission has financially supported its establishment by providing 4 million under Horizon 2020. Moreover, the EC will provide financial support for the functioning of RESAVER pension in its core activities during the start-up phase through an operating grant of 700,000. This will ensure the liquidity of RESAVER pension until critical mass of participating institutions and assets have been obtained.

The initiative will contribute to removing pensions as the barrier to researchers' mobility and is an important step in the development of a European Research Area.