Results from the SOLARIS call for proposals
28 May 2018, Krakow - Poland

Scientists from all over the world could apply for beam time at PEEM (a photoemission electron microscope), XAS (an X-ray absorption spectroscopy) and UARPES (an angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy) end stations at the Polish CERIC Partner Facility, National Synchrotron Radiation Centre SOLARIS. In total, 42 applications were received. The vast majority of them were sent by scientists affiliated in Polish universities and research institutions. Three international applications came from Germany, Croatia and Lithuania.

XAS end station received 16 applications, PEEM - 13, and UARPES - 13. Scientistsí plan include measurements of topological insulators, Dirac materials, and superconductors (UARPES beamline). Measurements at PEEM/XAS beamline deal with the electronic properties of materials, magnetic interactions in materials, and the distribution of elements in materials.

The applications submitted to the SOLARIS Centre will be evaluated technically (whether experiments can be carried out using the available infrastructure). They will also undergo sample safety evaluation. The decisive factor will be, however, substantive assessment, including such criteria as the level of innovation in planned research, precise scientific hypotheses, clearly defined methodology, convincing grounds for using synchrotron radiation, applicants' scientific achievements. The substantive assessment will be carried out by the international commission.

First measurements at the SOLARIS Centre will start in October 2018. The next SOLARIS call for proposals will be announced this fall.