Nature appoints Poland as one of the world rising stars in research
27th July 2016

The prestigious scientific journal Nature elects Poland as one of the world rising stars in the research field. The selection is based on the rate of increase in a country’s contribution to 68 index journals, a metric known as weighted fractional count (WFC). As reported in the article, “thanks to generous European Union support and a new competitive funding regime, Poland's contribution to the index leapt 34% between 2012 and 2015”.

The creation of the National Science Centre and of the National Centre for Research and Development – bodies dedicated to funding basic and applied science respectively – has strongly contributed to this increase. Nature reports that, as a result of this reform, “the proportion of funding distributed through competitive grants has risen from 13% before the changes to 45% (nearly 1.8 billion EUR in 2014-15)”.

The National Synchrotron Radiation Centre SOLARIS, the Polish Partner Facility in CERIC, is mentioned as one of the 10 new international research infrastructures built in Poland since 2007 with EU funding for research and innovation, that contributed to this positive trend.

Photo credit: Anna Wojnar/Jagiellonian University