CERIC's youngest users awarded with a gold medal for their research
15 May 2018, Ljubljana - Slovenia

On Monday, May 14, 2018, the 52nd Meeting of Young Researchers of Slovenia took place in Ljubljana. Elementary and high school students showcased their research projects and knowledge in 20 different fields, spanning astronomy, physics, biology, ecology, mathematics, ethnology, chemistry, ICT, and many more.

The evaluating Commission awarded up to two gold prizes per field. Two high school pupils, who have been recently granted fast track access to the CERIC facilities, won the gold metal in the field of chemistry.

The research conducted by Mitja Denac and Bor Kolar Bačnik, from the high school Gimnazija Vič, aims at evaluating existing and new stabilization treatments for ancient documents where historical green pigment Verdigris was applied, in order to equip conservators with superior treatment solutions. To evaluate these treatments they also developed a new application technique that would yield a facile and fast method to create reproducible model samples, needed for evaluation of the treatments. The ceremonial announcement of the winners will take place in early June 2018.