Support for organizing and promoting projects-related events

All PIs can take the chance of promoting any project-related event/initiative through the CERIC communication channels (website and social media). You can notify any planned event to the CERIC Press & Communication office. A section in your projectís webpage in the CERIC website will include a calendar that can be regularly updated by including upcoming events. You can contact to notify any event/initiative you are planning to organize or attend. You are invited to send any of such notice in advance to guarantee the most effective support for the promotional activities that CERIC can provide.

In order to guarantee the most effective organization and promotion of events and to address specific communication needs, the CERIC Press & Communications office is also available as described below:

i) The PI or a member of his/her research group shall notify in time to the specific communication need(s), detailing the following:
- The project/initiative/event within which the support is needed.
- The specific communication need(s): supply of communication materials, invitations, eventsí promotion/organization, etc.
- Indicative time-schedule.

ii) The notified event/initiative will be included in the CERIC communication action plan and calendar. CERIC staff will identify the necessary skills and professional figures needed for its realization.

iii) The support to the projectís PI/member of the research group may have different forms:
- Strategic support for taking the most suitable communicationsí actions.
- Supply of specific communication tools (i.e. digital templates, CERIC communication material).
- Promotion on the web and social media.
- Participation and support in events/initiatives organized in relation to the project.


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