Communication Materials and Tools

  • For all presentations related to CERIC internal research projects, please use this .ppt template
  • For the production of project-related documents/reports, please use this headed paper template
  • CERIC can provide communication materials such as CERIC and projects’ rollups for presenting your project in conferences, workshops and any other public event. The CERIC Press & Communication office can give support in the design, preparation and purchase of projects’ rollups. Keep in mind that it takes nearly two months for the design and print of any material of this kind.

Do not hesitate to ask for any further CERIC communication material in case you think it increases the visibility of CERIC and your project.

Publication of project-related news/information on the CERIC website

For each CERIC internal research project, a dedicated section in the CERIC website is available, with information about the project’s scope, research group, publications, presentations, results and events. The CERIC Press & Communication office is available to receive comments and suggestions to improve this part of the website from PIs and their research groups, to increase the visibility of your projects and to add any additional information that you would like to include.
The news/information about the project, that you would like to have published on the CERIC website, should be sent to at least 3 working days before the required publication date. Every communication material to be published on the CERIC website or other channels is required to follow these Communication Guidelines.
Whenever a publication of your project’s results is released, CERIC provides support for its dissemination by drafting and publishing in the CERIC website a scientific highlight of the study, in coordination with the responsible PI and/or research group.

Other available communication tools

CERIC Press & Communication office can provide support for the following activities, if they are aimed also at increasing the visibility of CERIC, its internal research and its facilities:

  • Draft/distribution of press releases and articles.
  • Supply of templates (.ppt, invitations, attendance certificates, etc.).
  • Realization of audio and video interviews.
  • Realization of photo and video services.

The CERIC newsletter (published and distributed every three months: January, April, July, October) is another tool that you can take advantage of to promote your activities and participation in events and to disseminate the results of your project. If you wish to use this channel, please notify the events/initiatives you would like to promote, or the news/highlights you would like to publish, at least 3 weeks/one month prior to publication of the newsletter.


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