Experimental report

After finalising the last of your scheduled measurements, you will be asked to complete an experimental report describing how you took profit of the measurement time. The report should contain all used techniques and the results that you obtained from the measurements. The uploaded report together with your publication record will be accessible by the reviewers for your next application for CERIC measurement time.
Please note that only one report per proposal is necessary.


Open access to CERIC facilities is provided free of charge with the condition that any research output derived from the measurements performed and the knowledge exchange with CERIC scientists is properly acknowledged. We suggest to include the following sentence:

The authors acknowledge the CERIC-ERIC Consortium for the access to experimental facilities and financial support.

CERIC may deny free open access to users who fail to acknowledge CERIC, its facilities or its scientists when appropriate.
Proper acknowledgement will also give you the possibility to apply for CERIC awards for high quality publications. Read more