CERIC offers access free of charge to researchers who are willing to publish in the public domain. For proprietary research, please contact ilo@ceric-eric.eu.

Call for proposals for access to integrated multidisciplinary facilities for Materials and Biomaterials

CERIC-ERIC offers access to nearly 50 different and complementary state of the art techniques, distributed in 8 countries, with the submission of single or multi-technique proposals through a single entry point. A detailed description of the facilities available in CERIC can be found here.

How to apply

Access to CERIC is open to scientists from all over the world and free of charge. The only condition for free access is the publication of the results of the experiments, with appropriate citation of the facilities and local contacts involved. Proposals should be submitted online through the Virtual Unified Office (VUO). The best projects will be selected by peer review by an independent and international panel of experts. For further information about the evaluation and how to submit successful proposals, please use menu on the left.

What is new in this call

The SISSI Infrared beamline has been divided into SISSI Life sciences (SISSI Bio Beamline@Elettra) and Materials Science (SISSI Mat Beamline@Elettra). Please pay attention when choosing the instrument for your proposal. SISSI Life sciences will continue providing offline time (SISSI Bio OFF-line@Elettra) for experiments with conventional IR sources.
Due to a major upgrade, BEAR beamline will not be offering time in the second semester 2017. It will be available again in the next call.

CERIC awards publications

CERIC-ERIC will select the most successful proposals and cover the full cost for open access publications. Read more

Single instrument proposals:

For those facilities that do not have another channel of open access available, single instrument proposals are also welcome. These facilities are:

  • Deep Lithography beamline in Trieste
  • Light and x-ray scattering lab in Graz
  • NAP XPS, XPS/XPD and FESEM in Prague
  • SISSI and IUVS beamlines, only for use with conventional sources (not SR)
  • NMR spectrometers in Ljubljana
  • TEM and EPR in Bucharest
  • Ion beam beamlines in Zagreb

For other facilities, only multiple technique proposals will be accepted.

Two Steps deadline

The first deadline allows a pre-evaluation of the proposal at the facilities and, if necessary, two weeks for editing on the basis of the suggestions received, before final submission at the second deadline. Although we suggest taking advantage of the pre-evaluation, expert users may decide to submit their proposals directly at the second deadline.


Proposals received until March 31st are under evaluation. The submission will re-open in June.
Next deadlines for proposal submission will be on September 1st 2017 (for pre-evaluation) and October 2nd (final submission.

Important information for users

Before enabling the regular users’ access, SOLARIS might decide to offer access for "expert commissioning" of its beamlines – subject of the commissioning progress. In order to have such access granted, you should have the know-how about beamlines and end-stations commissioning. It is important to bear in mind that the main goal is the fine tuning of the infrastructure and making available the extensive expertise in developing and utilizing the experimental equipment, methods and procedures. You should be prepared to provide input in possible solving technical problems. The experiments should demonstrate the performance of the infrastructure. Scheduling and rescheduling may occur at short notice. For more information, please contact SOLARIS Users’ Office directly (alicja.gorkiewicz@uj.edu.pl).

CERIC is conducting a pilot on open access to research data. You may be asked during your experiment whether or not you accept providing open access to your data. Further information you can get at the:

CERIC user office: useroffice@ceric-eric.eu